ERMP Announcements

To 2022/23 Academic Year ERMP Examinees

As you know, the exam for ERMP 2022 was conducted two weeks back, and results were posted on MOH website enabling you to revise your choice of sponsorship, program and institution. At the same time, complaints raised by some candidates were addressed by ERMP team.

Those of you who wrongly filled your years of experience (by adding extra months or years) and were allowed to sit for the exam (as long as your year of experience is > 1 year), please be reminded that your work experience figure is corrected to the actual year of experience (as per the attached letter of experience) by the ERMP team before matching.

After thorough checkup and corrections, merit-based matching is done using the ERMP matching algorithm and the matching result is displayed here. Also a table with maximum and minimum grades of matched candidates for each specialty and university is attached here for your information. Candidates who are remained unmatched will wait for the coming year ERMP since there will not be any reserve candidate for any specialty this year as it has been clearly indicated in the ERMP 2022 Guideline.

If you have any complaint on your matching result, you can make a call to the Ministry’s Hotline of 952 on December 26-30, 2022 on working hours. Further information on deployment, MOH sponsorship and other issues will be posted soon.

Exam Result

Human Resources Development Directorate, MOH
December 26, 2022