Ethiopian Health Professionals Licensing Examination (EHPLE)

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The Ministry of Health- Ethiopia in its commitment to reduce morbidity, mortality and disability nationally, strives to improve the health status of the people by providing and regulating health services. One of the critical functions for the MoH is to guarantee efficiency, quality and equity of healthcare delivery and protect individuals and society from any undesirable consequences in healthcare delivery practices. As professionals’ competence is a significant determinant of the quality of health, evaluation of health professionals’ competence is now been given due attention. As a result, Ministry of Health launched the Ethiopian Health Professionals Licensure Examination (EHPLE) for undergraduates of seven health cadres in 2019 G.C.


To see competent and ethical healthcare workers joining the health workforce of Ethiopia.


To protect the public from incompetent and unethical health professionals through standardized competency assessment.

Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Fairness
  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork

Currently, the exam is given for 17 health professions namely

  1. Anesthesia,
  2. Nursing,
  3. Public Health,
  4. Pharmacy,
  5. Medical Laboratory Science,
  6. Medicine,
  7. Midwifery,
  8. Dental Medicine,
  9. Medical Radiology Technology,
  10. Environmental Health,
  11. Psychiatric Nursing,
  12. Pediatric and Child Health Nursing, and
  13. Emergency and Critical Care Nursing.
  14. Optometry
  15. Surgical Nursing
  16. Human Nutrition
  17. Physiotherapy

The sole aim of the competency assessment is to identify health professionals who have the minimal basic knowledge, attitude, and skill required to carry out tasks on the job safely and competently thereby to improve the health service quality.

The Health and Health-related Institutions and Professionals Regulatory Lead Executive Office (HHrIPR-LEO) of the Ministry of Health was given a mission to implement the ministry’s objective to achieve competency-related goals. It has the responsibility to ensure that the EHPLE meets the technical, professional, and legal standards, and protects the health, safety, and welfare of the public by assessing candidates’ abilities to practice competently.


Resource and News

EHPLE Guideline and Manuals

Information Booklets

The booklet include information on all aspect of EHPLE.  You must review and become familiar with the booklet before completing your application for EHPLE.


Instruction About Registration 

The candidate should use this link Registration for license exam registration. 

EHPLE key processes

Here is the key process


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions on topics like exam eligibility and registration.

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