Clinical Services


Everyone has the best care and health possible in all health facility


Improve health , health care services and develop community trust in all hospitals by creating actual access to quality medical care for all citizens of Ethiopia .


To create access to quality medical care for all citizens of Ethiopia regardless of their religion, ethnicity, social status, age, and sex and develop systems to address problems in the service delivery process. 



  1. Improving Hospital Leadership and governance
  2. Improving Clinical Leadership
  3. Expansion of specialty  and sub-specialty services
  4. Strengthening and expanding rehabilitation services
  5. Strengthening and expanding diagnostic services
  6. Monitor and support the implementation of hospital service reforms
  7. Improving and expanding the use of health technology

Team/case team/structure

  • Regional hospital improvement case team(HCT)
  • Federal hospitals improvement case team(FCT)
  • Specialty services improvement case team(SCT)

Role and responsibilities


  • Develop policies and strategies to ensure the quality and equity of medical services
  • Develop improvement ideas, practices, and systems to make medical services more client-centered
  • Improving the service delivery of federal and university hospitals by building a system in which the health service is integrated with the teaching and research services.
  • Expand, improve, and strengthen the country's specialty medical care services.
  • Developing a system to create a sense of partnership between health facilities that aims to  bring learning, teaching, and resource support among themselves.
  • Coordinate, improve, and strengthen the overall medical rehabilitation care service.
  • Coordination and monitoring of governmental and non-governmental organizations working in the field of medical services
  • Gather, direct, and coordinate various resources that can be used for improving medical services.