Medical Services

medical service

Objective of the unit:

The objective of Medical Services directorate is to improve the quality of health services and utilization by the population through reorganizing the health service delivery system. It aims to:

  • Implement decentralized management to ensure full community participation.
  • Develop and implement essential health service package and referral system.
  • Develop health facility standards and staff, and equip health facilities.

Main Teams of the Unit:

  • Primary Care Team
  • Hospital Care Team

Main Activities of the Unit:

The unit is responsible for the preparation, endorsement, publication and distribution of national standards for health posts, health centers and district hospitals located in the regions. These standards contain specification for the building design, lists of equipment and furniture, the scope of service, detailed information on the cadres of staff required, and drug lists for each level. The unit also documents essential health service package and drafts guideline for referral system.