Covid-19 Responses

 Basic requirements for issuance of COVID 19 Vaccination certificate with a QR code

  1. The vaccination certificate with a stamp of any government health facility is acceptable to get COVID 19 Vaccination certificate with a QR code, no need to authenticate. 
  2. For those individuals who took the COVID 19 vaccination in the 10 pilot health centers can get the electronic  COVID 19 vaccination certificate once they are fully vaccinated
  3. Supplemental documents like passport, air ticket and visa or resident document must be presented by the travelers either physically or by legal proxy.
  4. For travelers with a 1st dose vaccination document from other country can be issued COVID 19 Vaccination certificate with a QR code once they complete their vaccination schedule. 
  5. For travelers who took only the 1st dose and are not able to take the 2nd dose of vaccination series in Ethiopia , QR code should be issued to facilitate completion of vaccination abroad by just  mentioning the appointment date 
  6. Soft copy issuance of QR code has to be facilitated to customers upon  request
  7. To cover running cost a maximum of 50 Birr per service can be charged.
  8. Vaccination certificate with a QR code will not be issued for those fully vaccinated abroad, the document they have in hand must be enough to facilitate their travel.  
S No  Facility name HIT focal name Sub city
1 Arada HC Birtukan Demise Arada
2 Janmeda HC TewodrosZerihun Arada
3 Bole 17 HC WuideAlemu  Bole
4 Gerji HC KidistNegash Bole
5 Kasanchis HC KalabTamiru Kirkos
6 Efoyta HC Yonas Solomon Kirkos
7 Beletshachew HC KidistMelesse Lideta
8 Lideta HC TsionMarhsa Lideta
9 Kotebe HC  LidiyaBelete Yeka
10 Yeka HC FrehiwotBirhu Yeka