The 3rd National Conference on Social and Behavioural Change is underway in Addis Ababa with the theme "Social Behavioural Change for Sustainable Development".

Dr. Mekdes Daba

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Ethiopian Health Education and Promotion Professionals Association and partners, is holding the third National Social and Behavioural Change Conference under the theme "Social and Behavioural Change Activities for Sustainable Health Development" in Addis Abba, where more than 400 participants including experts from 13 international countries attended.

USAID has provided 156 gene extraction machines to the Ministry of Health


The support costs three million US dollars and it is known that it is the support of Ten Colored Gene Expert Machines, which can quickly detect TB disease through rapid molecular diagnosis of TB. It has been stated that the gene expert machines obtained will be transferred to health institutions in affected regions and areas where TB is prevalent.

Digital Health Week-2022 Virtual events, Campaigns, and Exhibition



  • Digital health week will be celebrated from October  10-14 /2022 under the theme  “Digital health to achieve health for all”
  • Digital Health Week is a global week of action that aims to put digital health on the public and political agenda. 
  • If you are either a private company or a public institution working in developing or providing digital health solutions or services, please

register on the following link for a virtual webinar