Maternal Newborn and Child Health Quality of Care


The Goal of the Quality Equity and Dignity for Maternal and Newborn health initiative is to halve institutional maternal and new-born deaths in health facilities in the learning districts and improve experience of care over a period of 5 years.  It is a country-led initiative which builds on domestic resources and national structures for quality of care
This initiative has four strategic objectives named as LALA: 

  • Leadership: Build and strengthen national institutions and mechanisms for improving quality of care in the health sector.
  • Action: Accelerate and sustain implementation of quality of care improvements for mothers and newborns.
  • Learning: Facilitate learning, share knowledge and generate evidence on quality of care.
  • Accountability: Develop, strengthen and sustain institutions and mechanisms for accountability 

The Development of  the National MNH QOC roadmap end of 2017,  which later on regions contextualized it the their specific context, the adoption of WHO MNH QOC standards   accompanying by the development of  audit tool developed for quality of care, Learning collaborative system established and being conducted twice a year, Hosting of international MNH QoC summit in Addis, Publishing MNH Quality improvement projects and shared to the global network during the summit are the major achievements in the last couple of year