Procurement Executive Office


The overarching objective of the procurement executive office is to achieve the procurement by Developing and implementing the ministry’s Procurement Plan, updating it continuously to meet the ministry’s mission by realizing these four objectives:

1. Value for money (economy, efficiency, and effectiveness);
2. Non discrimination (fairness);
3. Transparency; and
4. Accountability and Ethical Standards.

Our Vision

To apply efficient, transparent, accountable and professionally and electronically managed procurement system in the ministry to achieve the ministry’s vision.

Our Mission

To harmonize the process of procurement with all stake holders and e-GP to secure a judicious, economic, and efficient use of all ministry’s funds, to ensure that all procurements are carried out in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory manner while promoting a competitive obtain quality goods, works and services at competitive prices in the right time to achieve the ministry’s mission.


  • Identify the procurement needs
  • Compiling the Annual Procurement Plan from ministers and all executive offices 
  • Prepare the procurement plan
  • Responsible to finalize and follows all procurement activities from the Preparation the bidding documents to contract management.
  • The Procurement Executive is responsible for managing procurement operations. He ensures quality standards are followed in all activities and processes. He further improves processes by advising on sourcing strategies and improvement changes to ensure timely delivery on project