Types of Volunteerism


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Service-Based Volunteer
Service-based volunteering provides workforce resources to a social service agency to complement the practitioners. Some examples include supporting various departments.

  • Medical services (home based care, clinical related services,) by individuals, team, organizations
  • Rehabilitation and palliative care at HFs and social service organization
  • Psycho-social services
  • Caregiver support


Skills-based volunteering

Skills-based volunteering is where professionals use their skills, experiences and resources to strengthen the capabilities of various levels of agencies/organizations. These agencies may not have access to resources or expertise to manage corporate functions yet; these functions are instrumental in helping them operate more efficiently and effectively.

  1. Fundraising finance, in kind,
  2. Information communication technology -websites, media
  3. Capacity building training, Supportive Supervision (SS), mentoring


Events-Based Volunteer
Volunteering at one-time activities such as Flag Days, Car free day, different World/national celebrity days, fundraising events, or bringing service users for an outing are examples of events-based volunteering.

  1. Outreach promotion and prevention services
  2. Emergency and disaster response services
  3. Basic screening health services (screening blood sugar level, cholesterol level screening, HPTN, etc.)
  4. Blood and other biological organ donation campaign
  5. Fundraising