Thematic Areas and Volunteer Durations

Identified thematic areas for volunteer service in the health system of Ethiopia

  1. Improve health service delivery
  2. Improve Health infrastructure
  3. Improve medical supplies and equipment
  4. Support Human resource for health
  5. Facilitate for green health facility to make conducive work environment and contribute for greening country legacy


Recommendation for Duration of Volunteer Roles

Short Term Voluntary Services (1 hour per/day 3 month)

  • Can be from 1 hour per day to 3 months long
  • Generally, does not require volunteers to have specific educational or professional qualification
  • It may participate under 18 year’s old volunteers.

Mid Term Voluntary Services (3month 6 months)

  • Can be from 3 months to 6 months long
  • May require skills-based or service-based volunteers who provide capacity building services
  • May require specific skills set or qualifications.


Long Term Voluntary Services (6 months + )

  • Requires volunteers to have specific educational or professional qualifications.
  • Usually involves the transfer of required skills and knowledge to individuals and groups over a longer time period e.g. six months or more.