Trauma Care System Improvement Program


Trauma, regardless of its economic and health burden on society, has never been given the accordant type of emphasis in our country. It was until the last couple of years that it started to be consider as a major public health concern and much needed attention started to be given to it. The increasing burden of burn and poisoning has not yet been met with a. system that can cope. For these reasons the Ministry of Health recently took the initiative to work on injury preventive mechanisms, timely and effective treatments as well as rehabilitative care to the community. 

To create an organized injury system and reduce mortality and disability from injury related conditions, eventually resulting in reduced economic burden from trauma, the emergency, injury, and critical care directorate is developing a detailed trauma roadmap that would operate to  prevent injuries, strengthen pre-hospital and facility based response to injuries and ensure early injury rehabilitation. These activities will be done through strengthening governance and leadership structures, multi sector collaboration, community engagement, building workforce , expansion of infrastructure, building workforce and ensuring availability of equipment and medical supplies for injury care.