Basic Services Executive Office

asset mgt

Basic Services Executive Roles and responsibilities 

Manage ministry of Health Property management, transportation deployment and vehicle maintenance, campus security and protection, cleaning services, campus beauty, housing management and multipurpose maintenance, protocol meetings and training, and various services plans, organizes, evaluates performance, and makes improvements.

1.    Strategic Objectives 

  • Various activities are being carried out in terms of modernizing the asset management of the institution by implementing modern asset management and eliminating valueless assets as well.
  • The organization of the Health Improvement Force in the Directorate is organized by the Case Team, Transformation and Directorate Forum, and uses this organization to improve the services provided by the Directorate by implementing action-based activities.
  • Collaborate with other departments in the Directorate to address the skills limit of the Directorate, and to improve the performance of the Directorate by providing room, attitude, and knowledge training to address the problem.

2.    Case Team’s under the Directorate
Asset management and General Service Directorate have 4 (Four) Case team.

  1. Asset Management Service Team
  2. Transport and Vehicle Maintenance Team
  3. Building and Housing Management Team
  4. Common  service team

3.    Flagship Initiatives; 

  1. Ensure that the sanitation service is implemented in accordance with the checklist designed to create a clean and workable environment;
  2. Technological asset registration; Reduce institutional wastage by 25% by dismantling and controlling the system;
  3. Reduce fuel usage by 25% by performing GPS installation and 100% filtration management system;
  4. Ensure 100% safety of buildings and premises by installing security cameras and fire protection equipment;

4.    Main Roles and responsibilities Wednesday 

  • Plans the budget of the work unit, monitors and controls its expenditure for the intended purpose and ensures that the work unit is completed with manpower, budget and resources.
  • Designs a way/method to increase the capacity of professionals who have a capacity gap by conducting job performance evaluation so that employees in the workplace can work with a sense of ownership and provide efficient and effective service.
  • Ensuring that material needs and other necessary resources for office work and training are also met.
  • Keeps the budget for the cleaning materials needed for the department in the fiscal year.
  • Ensuring that water, electricity, telephone and internet services are working in the institution, that service fees are paid on time to the offices that provided the service and that they are repaired immediately when they are damaged,
  • To control the use of fixed or transitory items that are purchased and imported in order to ensure that they are used for the user at the right time.
  • Coordinates the preparation of the list of items to remove the assets to be removed, monitors their removal according to the instructions, reports the performance;
  • Ensures that the assets to be disposed of are in accordance with the guidelines and regulations, approves the donations given to the head of the school, and ensures that the government and non-governmental organizations that have been given gifts to the authorized organizations have submitted income documents to their respective offices, control,
  • Directs, monitors and supervises annual inventory activities. According to the annual inventory of assets, repair the things that need to be repaired and remove them according to the guidelines and regulations.
  • In accordance with the rules and guidelines for the use of government vehicles, he orders a budget for the purchase of fuel, insurance and spare parts for vehicles, makes vehicles undergo an annual technical inspection, and makes them eligible for inspection if they have not passed the necessary process.
  • Using technology, with the help of vehicle deployment control software, he supervises the deployment of vehicles in the school based on requests from various departments, and ensures that fuel and oil consumption and use are carried out in accordance with the guidelines.
  • Conducting pre-breakdown technical inspection for vehicles in accordance with the rules and regulations of transportation and monitoring for sudden vehicle accidents to be implemented according to the insurance law.
  • Ensuring that sufficient vehicles are assigned to various work units to carry out their daily work together and separately and that the service is provided in a complete manner,
  • Ensuring that the vehicles allocated for field work have undergone appropriate technical inspection and maintenance before being used for work and that they are entitled to full insurance coverage;
  • Ensuring that the vehicles allocated for field work have undergone appropriate technical inspection and maintenance before they are used for work and that they are entitled to full insurance coverage.
  • Ensuring that fuel, oil and other lubricants needed for vehicles are met and used properly.
  • To enable vehicles entered for repair garage to be repaired immediately and provide proper service.
  • Conducting a preliminary study for the fixed assets of the institution that need repair, such as office chairs, tables, photocopiers, water and electrical faults that need repair, and monitoring whether the necessary repairs are done according to the research and the repair request.
  • Ensuring that fire extinguishers are installed in appropriate places in the facility and that they are fit for service while being inspected periodically.
  • Check when payment requests are submitted for repairs and send them to the finance and operations department so that the appropriate payment can be made.
  •  Ensuring that telephone, electricity and water services are being provided properly and in case of breakdown, making the necessary repairs and ensuring that the monthly payment for services is made on time.
  • Ensuring that offices, toilets, and cleaning of the premises are done properly and are convenient for work.
  • Ensuring that the premises of the institution are beautified with flowers and plants to make them beautiful and attractive.
  • Monitors and evaluates the employment performance of cleaning and beauty workers.
  • Ensuring that the institution is provided with a strong and reliable 24-hour security service with the help of CCTV cameras using technology.
  • Receive requests for coordination services from users for meeting training and health event arrangements with proposals and assign coordinating experts / ushers, upon completion, verify payment documents, prepare invoices from the hotel and transfer them to finance, and follow up on the payment.
  • Welcoming and taking the participants to their place and taking them to their places according to the principle of protocol, when guests come to the meeting halls, according to the principle of protocol,
  • By conducting a customer satisfaction survey, by collecting opinions from internal and external customers and partners, linking them with regulations and guidelines, to reach customer satisfaction.
  • Prepares monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports describing the work activities of the department and informs the superior.
  • Compilation of best practices and implementation and improvement in accordance with the existing conditions of the institution.
  • Develops new operating systems, and monitors their implementation,