Institutional Reform Executive Office


To create healthy, productive prosperous community 


Strengthen the provision of health service quality through effective implementation of health reform tools and Good Governance principles that will enhance alignment and effective customer relationship management to improve the health service delivery. 



  • To improve change and communication management 
  • To improve the effectiveness of the organization through implementing Citizen charter standards 
  • To enhance projects management through implementing Alliance for Health service improvement 
  • To improve Resource Utilization and accountability trough implementing Good Governance Principles (GG Packages, CSC and MAPS).
  • To improve customer relationship Management through compliant handling 
  • Strengthen the service improvement counsel 

Roles and Responsibility

  • Design and implement standardize management system trough developing Sectoral reform  policy, strategy, roadmap, guidelines, and manuals 
  • Conduct and follow Good Governance Index(GGI) of the Hospital
  • Monitor the Good Governance Index(GGI) institutionalization
  • Enhance Community Score Card implementation on primary health care institutions
  • Design and implement project quality improvement program on Reform and Good Governance
  • Adapt Develop and implement proven change management strategic tools for the sector 
  • Strengthening supervision on  reform and Good Governance project management 
  • Strengthening and encourage customer to give feedbacks and handling compliant of the customer
  • Design and propose capacity development trainings 
  • Encourage involvement of directorates, regions and health institutions on reform and GG.
  • Encourage standard improvement on citizen charter implementation   
  • Coordinate and Strengthen service improvement counsel on sectoral health quality improvement 
  • Work and collaborate with relevant stakeholders 
  • Lead/coordinate and follow different forum on Alliance for service Improvement(ASI) 


Community score card 
Managerial Accountability Program  
Good Governance Index