Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Lead Executive Office


  • To establish resilient pharmaceutical supply chain management
  • To ensure proper medical device management system
  • To establish responsive emergency supply chain management
  • To strengthen pharmacy service in health facilities
  • To integrate traditional medicine with modern medicine


  • To ensure the sustainable supply of quality-assured and affordable pharmaceutical and medical equipment; ensure rational use of medicines; and integrate traditional medicine and modern medicine


  • To establish resilient pharmaceutical and medical device supply chain management and implement good pharmacy practice

Role and responsibility

  • Develop and oversee the successful implementation of Pharmaceutical and medical devices Sector policy, strategy, roadmap, guidelines, protocols, and SOPs
  • Develop, regularly update and oversee the implementation of Drug policy, Standard Treatment Guideline, National Essential medicine and medical devise list
  • Lead the all health program supply chain management
  • Lead, support, coordinate and monitor the implementation of pharmacy service activities (Auditable Pharmaceutical Transaction and services, clinical pharmacy service, model community pharmacy, Drug information service, sterile and non-sterile compounding services)
  • Promote rational drug use and lead the prevention and containment of antimicrobial resistance
  • Support regional health bureaus and health facilities to conduct annual quantification exercises
  • Ensure the availability of essential medicines, supplies, and reagents in health facilities
  • Promote local pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing
  • Strengthen public private partnership in pharmaceutical, medical device as well as traditional medicines.
  • Provide capacity building for professionals from regional health bureaus and health facilities on pharmacy service, traditional medicine, supply chain and medical device management.
  • Work and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to improve access and quality of pharmaceutical and medical devices, and also for  quick response during emergency
  • Coordinate assessments on pharmaceutical supply chain, pharmacy service, antimicrobial resistance, traditional medicine practice, and medical device management in collaboration with universities and partners.
  • Scale up and monitor the installation and maintenance of oxygen plants
  • Strengthen pharmaceutical and Medical equipment management information systems to ensure end to end data visibility at all levels
  • Oversees and follow-up planning, need assessment, budgeting, procurement, distribution, installation, utilization, maintenance, decommissioning, and disposal of medical devices.
  • Facilitate establishment of medical devices centre of excellence, incubation platform and refurbishment centres
  • Promote the integration of traditional and modern medicine
  • Lead/coordinate pharmaceutical and medical device, AMR and Traditional medicines national advisory forums