HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control lead executive office


We aspire for safe and quality health and health related services to the society.


To protect the public by ensuring safety and quality of health and health related services through pre license inspection, licensing and post license inspection of health institutions and hygiene and environmental health inspection of health-related institutions, community participation, collaboration and provision of up-to-date regulatory information.


Reducing illness, morbidity, and death by providing access to quality HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, and viral hepatitis treatment and care.

The role and responsibility of the position

  1. Planning, directing, and coordinating the work of the desk
  2.   Improving the quality of HIV/AIDS treatment and care services
  3.   Strengthening partnership and integration  of HIV/AIDS treatment and care
  4.   Develop a better operating system for HIV/AIDS treatment and care by conducting research
  5.   Implement the prevention, control, and response to epidemics and public health emergencies.