Emergency, Injury, and Critical Care


To see excellence in acute care system for healthy, prosperous and productive Ethiopians. 


To provide equitable, integrated timely and quality emergency, injury and critical care service through building resilient and collaborative system at all levels that will improve care of the acutely ill and injured and contribute to the realization of UHC.

The emergency, injury and critical care directorate (EICCD), found under the medical service director general (MSDG), oversees a spectrum of activities ranging from pre- hospital care and transportation, in hospital care (emergency department and ICU) as well as referral system to deliver time sensitive health care services for the acutely ill and injured across life course. In addition to the acute care system EICCD is also responsible for the facility preparedness and clinical response of disasters.
Aiming to decrease emergency, injury related and critical care mortality and disability the directorate, in collaboration with several stakeholders works to meet the following objectives

  • Improve community engagement in emergency, injury and critical care (EICC) system.    
  • Develop motivated EICC proficient workforce.
  • Upgrade facility based EICC service towards a standard.
  • Enhance acute care data quality and management of emergency, injury and critical care system.
  • Enhance governance and leadership for EICC.
  • Strengthen partnership and collaboration.
  • Improve pre-facility and emergency referral system.
  • Strengthen surge capacity and disaster management system.
  • Improve sustainable EICC financing.
  • Improve availability of EICC drugs, supplies & equipment. 

Case teams

  • Pre-facility case team
  • Facility emergency case team
  • Critical care case team
  • Referral case team

Initiatives /Programs


  • Major cities emergency and critical care improvement program (MECIP) 
  • COVID 19 pre- hospital pilot for Addis Ababa hospitals
  • Critical care improvement program
  • Trauma care system improvement
  • Disaster preparedness and response