Legal Affairs Executive Office


Our Ministry is an Executive organ of the federal government which its establishment is currently defined under article 16 (16) of proclamation no.1263/2021 which is issued for the purpose of defining the powers and duties of the executive organs of the federal government.  

Accordingly, after being established as one of the executive organs of the federal government, the powers and duties of the Ministry are defined under article 35 of the proclamation. The provision of the law gives the ministry the overall power and responsibility of taking care of the health of the nation through employing preventive, curative, and rehabilitative mechanisms. 

In order to carry out these activities efficiently, the ministry of health forms about 25 Directorates. Among them, Legal Affairs Directorate of them which performs various legal activities such as representing The ministry in legal cases, producing draft legal documents, giving legal comments on different contractual agreements will be made between the Ministry and other Governmental and Non - governmental organizations, concluding contractual Agreement with the Ministry and some Hospitals Regarding Education.

Hence, the overall duties and responsibilities of the directorate lie on the act of assisting the ministry in each legal issue in which the ministry needs in accomplishing the powers and duties vested to it through the establishment proclamation.

The objective of the Directorate

The main objective of the Legal Services Office is to provide a specialized and high quality of legal service, as well as to improve the capacity of the Ministry in rendering quality services. It is also mandated to regulate protocol at various places of employment, ensuring all employees are treated equally and help them lead their lives as successful professionals and responsible citizens.  The law should not be implicated to create fear or panic among people, rather it must be viewed as a base for a civilized society. The key activities performed in Legal Service Office are legal document preparation, legal advice for the offices of the Minister and the State Ministers, all directorates and employees of the Ministry, follow-up of court cases, and examining disciplinary cases.

Strategic Objectives

The main objectives of the Legal affairs directorate are the following;

  • Representing the ministry in legal cases.
  • Creating strong and wide Legal awareness. 
  • Producing draft of Legal documents (legislations).
  • Providing legal advice
  • handling Medico-legal cases.

Major Roles and Responsibilities of the Directorate

The Directorate is organized in one case team, named, Legal Service Case Team, undertaking four process-based activities:
Major Roles and Responsibilities of Case Teams

  1. Legal document Preparation Service
    • Identifying legal documents which need Amendment, Repeal, or drafting new documents regarding Health and Health-Related issues.
    • Develop comprehensive and brief contracts for the Ministry.
    • Identify a wide range of safeguarding mechanisms that can be used for non-performance and contract clauses.
    • Providing legal drafting skills on the legislative process to be conducted by institutions that are accountable to the Ministry of Health.
    • Providing legal drafting skills on the legislative process to be conducted by other governmental institutions.
  2. Legal Advising and Consultation Service
    • Providing legal advising and consultation to various departments of the Ministry and customers regarding various legal issues.
    • Providing legal advising and consultation service to the institutions that are accountable to the ministry.
    • Give a legal opinion on various issues relating to the ministry.
    • Create legal awareness in collaboration with other directorates to the employees of the ministry 
  3. Medico-Legal Service
    • Handling Medico-legal cases and Coordinate meetings Of the Health professional Ethics committee to Examine,
    • Investigate and propose appropriate administrative measures to the ministry on complaints made with respect to standard Health Service and Incompetent and Unethical Health professionals, 
    • Writing judgment based on the investigation conducted upon complaints.
  4. Court Cases Follow Up 
    • Enhance the administration of justice and running of courts using the latest tools and techniques.
    • Follow up on civil and criminal matters and ensure the interest of the ministry and the government as well.