Competence and Human Resource Management Executive Office

The main functions of Human Resource Administration

  1. To assign needed Human Resources with required quality and quantity to achieve the goals set in the strategic plan.
  2. Review and update health professionals to population ratio and based on the evaluation results, ensure sits fair distribution through the sector.
  3. Investigates causes for human migration in the health sector; devises ways to solve the root causes of migration; makes it work:
  4. To review and study financial and non-financial incentives for the health sector to provide better service to the society while maintaining the stability of human resources at working places.
  5. Investigates complaints from professionals, develop and implement solutions to eliminate the root causes of grievances.
  6. Support the health sector to provide qualified personnel in accordance with the approved human resource standards to provide the required services to the society.
  7. Modernize human resource information system, keeps it up-to-date for decision making and better services. 
  8. To identify and handle human resource information in a standardized way:  by sex, experience,education, geographical distribution and so on; and publishes annually.
  9. Investigates the workload integrated staff need (WISN) revise and prepare staff structural, implement the new approved structure and provide the necessary support for health sector.
  10. Review the number and composition of professionals in the market; if surplus professionals in the market;facilitate all necessarily Conditions to be hired by the public, privately and abroad;transfers to regions and health institutions for use.