Dr. Ayele Teshome

Dr Ayele
State Minister Health System and Capacity building Wing

Dr. Ayele Teshome has been the state minister of health of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia since October 2021. Previously he has served as the CEO of Yekatit 12 medical hospital and also as an associate professor of the obstetrics and gynecology department. Success was achieved at this hospital in terms of designing and implementing a fully digitized health care system for greater monitoring and accountability in health service provision. In addition, the college expanded and opened more than 8 new sub-speciality services and new graduate programs under his leadership. Incorporating years of experience in the health sector, Dr. Ayele has dedicated his career in service to the public. Starting off as a medical doctor graduate from Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, he continued on to his specialist training there in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

His distinctive career began as a general practitioner and an emergency surgery officer while still being the medical director of the hospital where he played an exemplary role in health service delivery and a critical role in reducing maternal mortality. This has distinguished him as the top specialist from the region at the time. Huge strides were made in advocating and strengthening the local blood donation culture, not to mention being awarded the Ethiopian Health Alliance Quality award not once but twice. Not only were his activities limited to the health sector but he extended to the creation of 4 protected forests in previously bare lands.

While joining the Ministry of Health, he was the director of the Health Service Quality Directorate producing various strategies and standards that have defined quality and safe service delivery across the nation.

He has also served as the research and academia director of St. Peter Specialized Hospital where he has elevated the hospital from its TB profile to a comprehensive specialized hospital in addition to laying the ground works for it to become a medical college. He was the senior advisor for health services quality improvement at SPHMMC where he provided insights for comprehensive quality strategy development.

Dr. Ayele was instrumental in realizing the Abebech Gobena MCH hospital from inception to redesigning efforts and up-to starting of the service in record time.

Due recognition was given to him on the annual Bego Sew award of 2019/20.