Mr. Gemechis Melkamu

Gemechis Melkamu
Digital Health Lead Executiver

Mr. Gemechis Melkamu Gobena began his career as an Instructor and Health Information Technology Department Head at the Nekemte Health College in 2010. He was responsible for teaching and mentoring health information technician students, and it was during this time that he realized the enormous potential of information technology to transform the healthcare ecosystem. 

After gaining significant experience working in health science college and leading the department he joined the Oromia Regional Health Bureau as the regional Health Information Technology Director in March 2016. Here, he was responsible for improving the health information system and infrastructure across the region, despite the limited resources and inadequate human capability available to him at that time. Using strategic leadership, Mr. Gemechis interlinked remote health facilities and pulled aggregated data from multiple sources, leading to significant improvements in healthcare delivery across the Oromia region of Ethiopia. 

He is appointed as Health Information Technology Directorate Director at the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ministry of Health in July 2020. Consequently, he is leading the newly restructured and established Digital Health Lead Executive Office, as the Digital Health Lead Executive Officer. 

Mr. Gemechis's expertise extends beyond his leadership capabilities; he holds an MSc in computer science and has participated in a series of various leadership and technical training programs locally and abroad. These efforts continue to strengthen Mr. Gemechis's skillset and leadership capacity, ensuring that he delivers the highest possible benefit to the digital health ecosystem. Mr. Gemechis is driven by his passion for digital health and improving access to healthcare throughout Ethiopia and plans to achieve significant milestones in his career with innovative solutions to promote healthcare access through the broader use of digital health technologies, his influence promises to extend far beyond the Ethiopian borders, setting a benchmark on a global scale.

Full Name: - Gemechis Melkamu Gobena
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