Mr. Assegid Samuel

Assegid Samuel
Human Resources For Health Development and Improvement Lead Executive Officer

Mr. Assegid Samuel has been Director for Human Resources for Health Development Directorate of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia since February 2019. Previously He worked as Assistant Director from November 2017 and was leading the implementation of the national Human Resources for Health Strategic Directions which are part of the Health Sector Transformation strategic plan. With over 10 years of experience, Mr. Assegid Samuel is a chief public health professional with wide experience as a clinician, medical and health sciences training leader and expertise, national volunteer service forerunner, and Human Resources for Health leader.

He has also worked in the Ministry of Education as team leader in Health Professions standard development, medical and health sciences training high stake exam, faculty development and working in partnership with higher education institutions, regional health bureaus and other international organizations. 

Assegid believes that "Investing in Human Resources for Health its return on investment is very high" because Humans (professionals) are the pillars of our health system.