Breast cancer awareness campaign started

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Breast cancer

The global breast cancer awareness campaign, which is held every year in the month of October, has started with free and half-paid screenings for one month at the Pioneer Screening Center starting from September 20.

About 40,000 people die from breast cancer every year, according to the Director of Maternal and Child Health of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Meseret Zelalem, who stressed that in order to reduce and prevent the health, social and economic burden of treating cancer after it has spread, it is necessary to know the health status through early diagnosis.

The Director, who explained the work being done to prevent and control cancer in the Ministry of Health, explained the work done in early cancer diagnosis and treatment, including the cervical cancer vaccine given to 14-year-old girls to prevent cervical cancer. She said that the ministry is working diligently regarding breast cancer.

She expressed gratitude for Pioneer's efforts to fulfill its social responsibility by supporting the health policy based on prevention; she called on mothers and sisters to use the opportunity, and for other institutions to follow the example of Pioneer. 

Dr. Edom Seife, head of the cancer treatment department at the Black Lion, said that the start of the examination will stimulate the mothers and sisters who have not received the service because they are worried about where to go or because of the lack of convenient conditions.
The founder and owner of Pioneer Examination Center, Mr. Brook Fakadu, recalled that he did a similar movement last year and stated that the modern 3D mammography ultrasound and MRI machines that are the latest in the world are providing services at his center.

However, since it is important to not only have more experts and buy modern machines, but also to develop awareness, they will provide services for free to selected government offices and for those who come for examination at the center for one month from September 20, he said.

It is stated that those who want to take advantage of the one-month breast examination discount at Pioneer can visit the main branch at Bole, Alem Building or call 0908656565/ 0908646464 and 0912039939.