Digital Health Lead Executive Office

Vision; - To bring quality, affordable, equitable, and technologically enabled health service delivery.

Mission :- To avail effective, reliable, secure, and innovative digital health systems to support policy and strategic development, clinical decision-making, patient management, health care provision, education, and research functions of the health sector.

Role and responsibilities

  • Establishing structures and mechanisms for systems implementation
  • Analyzing and addressing stakeholders’ requirements in systems’ development and implementation;
  • Digital Health Research and innovation on cutting-age techs;
  • Capacity building at all relevant levels;
  • DH systems’ implementation monitoring and evaluations.
  • Ensuring the availability and compliance to of the National DH policies and roadmaps;
  • Enforcing DH Architecture and Interoperability Standards;
  • Strengthening partnership and coordination;
  • Availing inclusive frameworks, guidelines and mechanisms for DH;
  • Adopting global goods for local contexts;
  • Promoting and contributing to Digital Health Literacy nationwide.   
  • Enhancing the HealthNet (VPN) infrastructure, both coverage and quality;
  • Designing, implementing and enhancing data hosting centers;
  • Implementing logical and physical security measures for the data and systems;
  • Putting minimum standards for the DH devices and ensuring compliance;
  • Exploring and implementing national and regional Cloud Services
  • Establishing and strengthening the national and regional HelpDesks.