Medical services Lead Executive Office

Executive office description

Our Vision

To see the improved health status of the population through providing high-quality health service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our community high-quality healthcare by improving and expanding specialty and subspecialty services. The priorities include improved emergency and intensive care, ambulance services, rehabilitation service, and diagnostic facilities. We empower healthcare professionals through leadership development, and we set up procedures for secure patient transfers. Our mission is to provide everyone with affordable, adequate healthcare, promoting a better future.

Executive Office Role and Responsibility

  • Works in coordination and collaboration with those concerned to expand specialty/sub-specialty services to provide quality services to our citizens
  • Develop operational structures to promote medical tourism in our country and monitor and cooperate with stakeholders.
  • Strengthens the information management system of early health facilities and patient transfer, emergency and intensive care, hospital service improvement and diagnostic services, specialty and rehabilitation services, monitors and supports the performance of hospitals, and establishes mutual learning and support alliances.
  • Develops, plans, implements, supports, and monitors procedures to bring the community to the required level in health facilities and to improve accessibility in the emergency, disaster, and intensive care system.
  •  Develops and implement improvements to ensure proper attention is paid to emergency burns and poisoning treatment
  • Designs and implements management and leadership development strategies for pre-health facilities and patient transfer, emergency and intensive care, hospital service improvement and diagnostic services, and specialty and rehabilitation services.
  • Establishes the necessary system to strengthen pre-hospital care and transportation and to strengthen the patient transfer system to transfer patients to health facilities safely and at the required speed,
  • Puts recommendations of research and studies into implementation, conducts, coordinates, and guides these activities
  • Works in partnership to ensure sustainable financing of the medical system, examines new financing strategies, and evaluates their effectiveness. It cooperates with the relevant stakeholders to improve the internal revenue collection and utilization of hospitals' Medical Services.

Medical service LEO has four desks,

  • Hospital Reform & Diagnostic Service Desk
  • Speciality & Rehab. Service Desk
  • Emergency & Critical Care Desk
  • Pre facility & Referral Service Desk