Who is who at MOH

Dr. Dereje Duguma
State Minister/Program Section/
State Minister of Health /Reform and Good Governance Section/
Dr. Ayele Teshome
State Minister/Opration Section/
Dr. Ruth
Office of the minister, Director-General
Mr. Fekadu Yadeta
Office of the State Minister (Program), Director-General
Mrs. Rehima Shikur
Office of State Minister/Reform & Good Governance Section/ Director General
Mrs. Addis Girma
Office of the State Minister (Operation), Director-General
Dr. Tegene Regassa
Public Relation And Communication Director
ragassa biya
Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipments Director
Emergency and Critical Care Service Director
Dr. Meseret Zelalem
Maternal and Child Health Director
Eskindir lakew
Asset Management and General Service Director
Assefa Ayde
Reform and Good Governance Director
ekram redwan
Hygiene and Environmental Health
Abas Hassan
Clinical Service Director
Mr. Naod Wendrad
Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Director
Dr. Feven Girma
Partnership and Cooperation Director
Gemechis Melkamu
Health Information Teachnology Director
Assegid Samuel
Human Resources Development Director
Mr. Gemu Tiru
Health System Strengthening And Special Support Directorate Director
Hiwot Solomon
Disease Prevention And Control Director
Fatuma Seid
Women, Youth And Children Affairs Director
Human Resources Administration Director
Solomon Ejigu
Finance and Procurement Director
Tewodros Abebaw
Health Professional's Competency Assessment & Licensure Directorate Director
Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate
Dr. Hassen Mohammed
Health Service Quality Director
Public Health Infrastructure Director
Eden Workneh
Health and Health Related Institutions Regulatory Director
Abdulaziz Suaudi
Legal Affairs Director