Progress on Delivery of Essential Medicines and Supplies to Tigray region

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The Ethiopian government, together with international organizations, has resumed the humanitarian aid that has been interrupted due to the resumption of the conflict in August. 

The Ministry of Health together with the National Disaster Risk Management Commission managed to deliver the first round of life-saving drugs and medical supplies worth 6,433,408.47 birr from Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Service to Shire branch, two weeks ago. Second round of medicines and supplies estimated at 1,080,429.28 Birr were also delivered. The medicines and supplies are being distributed to Shire Hospital and nine health centers which are staring to provide health services to the community. In collaboration with the National Disaster Risk Management Commission, third round of additional medicines and supplies worth 1,713,410.35 Birr are on the way to Shire.

On the other hand, this week, two trucks containing essential medical supplies arrived in Mekelle with a load of 33.9 metric tons of basic medical supplies, emergency medicines and surgical instruments through the International Committee of the Red Cross. Other international organizations and MOH have also prepared to send more shipments.

Health professionals from various hospitals have also been sent to support the restarting of services at health facilities which will continue to be strengthened.

Ministry of Health, Ethiopia