In Ethiopia, efforts are being made to eradicate polio once and for all

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Due to the great work done to eliminate childhood polio, more than 99.9 percent of childhood polio cases have been reduced worldwide. According to studies, about 20 million children have been saved from death and disability.

Health professionals, elders, religious leaders, partners and stakeholders concerned with the issue of mothers and children must work together to achieve the goal of eradicating polio once and for all in Ethiopia, according to the Director of the Ministry of Health's Directorate of Maternal and Child, Nutrition, Youth and Youth Affairs Dr. Meseret Zelalem said.

It is Dr. Meseret Zelem who pointed out that this year's campaign to eradicate polio, which has been carried out for ten consecutive years, will help to create a polio-free Ethiopia, Africa and the world. It is also helping to provide a comprehensive response to other health threats and emergencies, she said.

Yasin Habib, Head of the Afar Regional Health Office, pointed out that the Afar Region has faced many challenges and provided routine vaccination services in the face of conflicts and natural disasters.

Mr. Yasin Habib thanked the dedicated professionals who are providing services in difficult and challenging conditions to make routine vaccination services accessible in all areas of the region.

Fqadu Yadeta the head of the Ministry of State's office said “Conduct more polio vaccination campaigns for early prevention of polio and strengthen polio screening and response activities. He also said that the vaccination service with neighboring countries should be strengthened.

Ato Fqadu Yadeta said that the Ministry of Health is working with determination to eradicate polio. He said in the concluding forum that health professionals, media and other bodies should play their part for the success of the work.

It is stated that the national level coverage of routine vaccination program, including polio vaccine, has reached more than 95 percent, but currently, the vaccination coverage has not been able to show progress as expected.

As a country, it has been pointed out that the diseases that we can prevent by vaccination are occurring in the form of epidemics in areas where the standard vaccination coverage is low.

A healthy future for mothers and children! one day! One purpose! A campaign platform for eradicating polio has been launched in Samara city in Afar region.

The 2014 Polio Vaccine Implementation and Polio Screening and Response Work were presented and discussed at the forum.
This year, the World Polio Day, which is being celebrated at the national level, is being celebrated in Samara city under the theme of “a healthy future for mothers and children.”

In addition to regular vaccination, measles, covid-19 and cervical cancer vaccines are being given in campaign form.