The French Embassy signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health to provide 2.5 million euros for the rehabilitation of Abala Hospital in the Afar region.

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The French Ambassador to Ethiopia, Remi Marchaux, said that the memorandum of understanding that has been signed will be implemented as previously promised and that the rehabilitation work will be implemented within 2 years. He said that it will not only restore the hospital but also enable it to provide better services than before.

The ambassador recalled that a year ago, the restoration work of the Dessie hospital had started, and continuing the support of the French government to the health facilities affected by the conflict, France will provide 1.5 million euros for the rehabilitation of the Adwa Hospital in the Tigray region; And this support is part of the support for 3 hospitals in 3 regions that were affected by the conflict in northern Ethiopia.

During the signing the French ambassador said that France would support the peace agreement reached in Ethiopia and promised to continue supporting the rehabilitation of the health facilities that is being done by the Ministry of Health.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadese, said that the support given to Abala Hospital will enable the local community to receive complete medical services. Dr. Lia thanked The French government for pledging to support Adwa Hospital, and support for the rehabilitation of Abala Hospital, and its previous support for Dessie Hospital and. Dr. Lia said that the work of rehabilitating the health facilities will continue in collaboration with partners. She also called for the support of Oromia and Benishangul regions, in addition to the support provided by the embassy to the health facilities that were damaged due to the conflict in Afar, Amara, Tigray.  

On behalf of the people of the region, Yasin Habib, the head of the health bureau of the Afar region, thanked the French ambassador for visiting the region during the conflict and for signing the MoA. He said that in cooperation with other partner organizations, the work of establishing an institution for the victims of the region will continue.

Abala Hospital, which was heavily damaged in the conflict, provides services not only to Afar, but also to patients from neighboring Amhara and Tigray regions; Yasin said that the rehabilitation work will benefit many surrounding communities. He said that the support given will help the hospital to fully overcome the damage.