An agreement was signed to donate 10 mobile medical clinics to help improve maternal and child health

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The Japanese government has signed an agreement with the Ethiopian government to donate 10 mobile medical clinics with complete medical equipment to help strengthen equitable and accessible health services in Ethiopia.

The agreement was signed by the Japanese government; in a message sent by Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ito Takoko, expressed his hope that the support will reduce the number of mothers and children who die by improving the health of mothers and children in Afar, Somali, Benshangul, Gambella and South West regions, identified as needing support. He stated that the mobile clinics will be equipped with basic medical equipment including ultrasound and electrocardiograph.

Ethiopia and Japan have strengthened their economic partnership since the 1970s, said the Minister of State for Finance Mrs. Samereta Sawasew. She said that they are focusing on infrastructure development, agricultural productivity, human resource development and private sector development. Ethiopia has been committed to reducing maternal and child mortality in the past two decades, but much remains to be done to make equitable health services fully accessible, she said. She pointed out that the contribution of the support is great and thanked the people and government of Japan.

Health Minister Dr. Lia Tadese, on her part, pointed out that the health of mothers and children has improved through the work done by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with partner organizations and explained that in order to achieve sustainable development goals, various strategies are being implemented in addition to increasing health facilities.

In addition, she stated that in the last two years, the Ministry of Health has been providing the service by sending mobile teams consisting of various health professionals in cooperation with partner organizations to prevent the interruption of health services for people who are vulnerable to the problem due to the Covid-19 epidemic, drought and conflict.

The Japanese government also had been thanked for donating 10 mobile clinics to provide better services to hard-to-reach areas, which is the strategic plan for health care access and equity. They confirmed that the support will be used for pregnant and lactating mothers as well as for children.