The Second Conference of International Pharmaceutical suppliers was held in Addis Ababa 

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Dr. Abdulkadir Gelgelo, Director General of the Ethiopian pharmaceutical Supply Service, said that the conference was held to attract pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers to the vast Ethiopian market and improve availability of pharmaceuticals supplies in Ethiopia.

Dr. Abdulkadir mentioned in his speech, “Because supply of medicine requires a mix of stakeholders and capital, there is a need to strengthen strategic partnership with suppliers.”

Heran Gerba, director of the Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority, said that the sustained availability of quality medicines and supplies has got global attention. She said that Covid-19 had disrupted the supply chain of medicines, and said that the authority is working with a focus on quality control and safety of medicines while supporting it with digitalization to improve the service and facilitate for suppliers. 

Prof. Afework Kasu, director of the AHRI, said in his speech on behalf of the Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Taddese, improving supply chain of quality medicines and supplies is a strategic priority of the health sector according to HSTP-2.

Prof. Afework emphasized the role the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Services (EPSS) plays in the health sector of Ethiopia and thier invaluable contribution in supplying medicine for disease prevention and treatment across the nation. 

At the conference, the general overview of the national pharmaceuticals supply sector and the Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority 's registration guidelines and regulations, as well as the review of the 2021-2022 performance report of drug suppliers, were presented and discussed. 

Recognition awards were also given to pharmaceutical suppliers that have demonstrated better performance in the last two years.

The Ministry of Health and its agencies will continue to strengthen thier support to international and local pharmaceutical suppliers and manufacturers to improve sustainable access to pharmaceutical products snd achieve better health.