The Korean government, through KoFIH/Humanitarian Organization and Exim Bank, has provided support to the Ministry of Health for the provision of diagnostic laboratory equipment for Covid-19.

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The Korean government

Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadese, who was present at the handover ceremony, said that the Korean government has helped the health sector in various activities. She also further highlighted the support they had provided in maternal and child health, health insurance services, training of medical professionals, maintenance of medical equipment and prevention and control of covid-19 and intensive care equipment.

Dr. Lia Tadese said that the support given is important to prevent and control the covid-19, and she said that this support shows the close relationship between the two countries.

The president of the KoFIH humanitarian organization, Mr. Chiag Yup Kim, noted that the relationship between Ethiopia and South Korea has been sustained for many years. He said that they will focus on strengthening the primary health system in addition to the support of diagnostic laboratory materials for Covid-19.

The Korean government and KoFIH will work to strengthen the health system; strengthen outbreak preparedness and response and primary care services. He also asked Dr. Lia Tadese to facilitate specialty and sub-specialty medical education for Ethiopians.

The support of the Covid-19 diagnostic laboratory material was handed over and a letter of appreciation for the support of the Korean government was presented by the Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadese.