Boru Meda General Hospital has recovered from the war damage and is providing all services.

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Boru Meda General Hospital

The State Minister of Health, Dr. Ayele Teshome, made the announcement during a tour of the hospital's various departments; that it is admirable that the hospital has recovered quickly from the problems and started providing complete services to the users.

Dr. Ayele recalled that the Boru Meda General Hospital was one of the hospitals that suffered major damage during the war. He thanked all those who worked hard to provide complete services and further said that the Ministry of Health will facilitate all the options to strengthen the hospital by speeding up the purchases that are being made to meet the missing medical equipment.

In addition, among the construction problems of the hospital, Dr. Ayele told the hospital leaders that the Ministry of Health's Directorate of Health Infrastructure will provide appropriate support and supervision to ensure that the construction of the expansion of emergency treatment and ophthalmology departments is started and will be completed in a short period of time.

According to the manager of the hospital, Ato Sisay Tebeje, after the end of the war, the Boru Meda General Hospital started providing services for emergency, maternity and outpatient patients from December 2021; He explained that since then, it has been providing services from outpatients to major surgeries and improving its procedures every month.

The manager stated that the hospital was able to carry out repairs to the full capacity, with the cooperation and support of the Ministry of Health, the Regional Health Office, the Federal St. Peter and Alert Hospitals, Fnote Salam and Yejube Hospitals from the Amhara Region, as well as CBM, Himelia Cataract Project, investors and individuals.

Boru Meda General Hospital, is established in 1947 and located in South Wolo, has 402 employees. Mr. Sisay stated that in the last war, more than 2 billion Birr worth of damage was incurred. He further requested that all the support and monitoring should not be interrupted so that the system can be completed and the system returned to the way it was.