The Ministry of Health and the French Embassy signed an agreement to refurbish Dessie General Hospital

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french Embassy

Dessie General Hospital is one of the war-affected health facilities, and an agreement was signed among the Ministry of Health, the French Embassy in Ethiopia and the African Union to better refurbish the hospital.

Health Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse said the Ministry of Health is working hard to restore and refurbish health facilities damaged during the war. She said the French government has supported the project which is worth over 81 million birr to refurbish Dessie General Hospital.

Dr. Lia said the embassy has been a key partner in efforts to prevent and control the virus during the Covid-19 epidemic. She said the current support will play an important role in refurbishing the Dessie General Hospital, which was damaged during the war.

French Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ambassador Rémi Maréchaux, for his part, said the project's support would include medical equipment and construction repairs.

This is the first support, the ambassador said, the purchase of medical supplies is in progress and it will be able to reach the hospital in the near future.