Digitized Patient Health Information Management Application “Welfare Pass” Agreement Signed.

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Welfare Pass

The Ministry of Health has today signed an agreement with MasterCard, Gavi and JSI to launch the app.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadesse, said in a press statement at the signing ceremony that the Ministry will strengthen its information-based decision-making system in the Second Health Sector Plan. She said special attention is being given to collecting, analyzing and using quality information. At the same time, she said, the launch of the digital app will help update the information system in the health sector.

It has been announced that, to facilitate the flow of patients' health information systems, Master Card "Wellness Pass" is designed to reach one million users in selected health facilities within 15 months.

According to Dr. Lia, the program is in line with the existing information system and DHIS 2 to improve the health information system and make informed decision-making. She explained that even in the absence of a network, it is possible to read the medical information of the customers and the information is stored on a card that moves with the customer.

In addition, Master Card “Wellness Pass” will be implemented in Ethiopia, the second largest in Africa. She said the digitalization of the children immunization program has helped countries to provide improved services in all health facilities. She said access to digital health information through the National Health Response Program will enable patient care to continue.

Dr. Lia thanked Master Card, Gavi and JSI and other institutions for their cooperation in making the program a reality.

In a message delivered at the forum, Michael Forman, President of the MasterCard Strategic Ground, said “Wellness Pass” aims to implement the technology in various phases. The first phase will focus on the CoVID-19 vaccine, which will be launched in selected rural and urban health facilities across the country. The second phase will focus on child immunization, pregnancy care and other health issues at a number of institutions.

He said the program will significantly contribute to improving access and quality of health services in the country. The ambassador also expressed support for its implementation.

Gavi Senior Country Manager Tito Rehamushaja, for his part, said Gavi has been working with the ministry on covand-19 prevention and other vaccines for a long time. He said he is happy that his organization is still involved in the development of this program.

JSI Country Director, Dr. Binyam Tilahun, recalled that JSI is an institution that has been providing multi-sectorial support to the country's health system for a long time and has been working on the quality of the health information exchange system. He said the institution will work to fulfill its responsibilities in the implementation of this program.