Work needs to be done to improve the quality and accessibility of surgical, emergency and intensive care services

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Dr. Ayele Teshome

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with Debre Berhan University, Smile Train and Cape Town University, concluded a three-day World Surgery, Emergency and Intensive Care Management Exhibition in Addis Ababa.
State Minister of Health, Dr. Ayele Teshome, who was present at the closing ceremony of the exhibition, said it was time for the exhibition to focus on international surgery and emergency and intensive care. He said the Ministry of Health is working on a five-year strategic plan to enhance the quality and accessibility of services.

However, he noted that the performance of surgical, emergency and acute care services in Ethiopia and Africa was still low. He said the state needs to work harder to improve its services and make it more efficient.

State Minister, Dr. Ayele Teshome, further said public health partnerships need to improve the health system and modernize the leadership of the health sector in order to meet the health service standard. He called on the participants to work hard to improve the services of the health facilities they are working on.

The exhibition was attended by program department heads of the Ministry of Health, emergency and critically ill patients, hospital managers, emergency medical service center professionals in major cities, and representatives of various partner organizations. 5 years of emergency and critical care plans, international surgical services and management skills, as well as various research papers were presented and discussed.