The role of partner organizations in the implementation of the Health Extension Program was effective

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Health Extension

It has been noted that the role of partner organizations in making the Health Extension Program more accessible to the community has been effective and it has also been noted that it has been effective as a national health product. 

Speaking on the occasion, State Minister of Health, Dr. Dereje Deguma, said especially maternal and child health services and primary health care has benefited from the JSI L10K 10K. The health system has been effective over the past 14 years. He thanked those who worked in collaboration with the Ministry of Health for their achievements and support. He further called on all stakeholders to continue their support for the success of this project.

 JSI Project Manager Margaret Croti, for her part, said the project was important to strengthen primary health care and make it accessible to more than 17 million Ethiopians. She said effective work has been done to improve health services, especially in obstetrics, maternal and child health, and adolescence health care services.

She added that the 14 Projects which have been successfully implemented in more than 5,000 kebeles and 240 woredas in four regions have improved reproductive, maternal, child and Adolescent health services. In particular, she explained that the projects have been successful by connecting more than 10,000 health extension workers and more than 100,000 women development workers and community health volunteers to provide health services to the community. She thanked the Ministry of Health and its partners for their work.

The program was attended by Health Extension representatives, Ministry of Health officials, JSI staff and others.