"Everyone must do their part to ensure that mothers give birth in health facilities assisted by healthcare professionals." Dr. Dereje Duguma State Minister of Health

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Dr. Dereje Duguma

Healthy Motherhood Month had been commemorated by Addis Ababa City Administration Health Bureau for the 16th time in our country and for the 35th time in the world under the theme "Let's work together to stop maternal mortality due to postpartum hemorrhage". The event was organized at Abebech Gobena Maternal and Children's Hospital.  

State Minister of Health, Dr. Dereje Duguma, in his speech on the occasion, said that studies on maternal mortality in Ethiopia show about 50% of deaths per year are caused especially due to postpartum hemorrhage. He said everyone should play their part in ensuring that mothers give birth in health facilities. He urged religious leaders, media professionals, artists, leaders at all levels, health professionals and other stakeholders to create awareness and encourage mothers to give birth in medical institutions.

Addis Ababa Health Bureau Head, Dr. Yohannes Chala, on his part said that a lot of work is being done to reduce maternal and child mortality and suffering caused by referral and related issues. Health and Rehabilitation Centers under Addis Ababa Health Bureau, including the Abebech Gobena Referral Hospital, are being set up, to incorporate integrated Women and Children Care and Justice Centers, he said.

The 5th Integrated Women and Children Care and Justice Center in Addis Ababa was inaugurated on the same day at the hospital.