An introductory document has been released to help achieve family planning services nationwide by 2030

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family planning

The 2030 Family Plan Introduction Document is global and involves 69 countries.

Health Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse, who was present at the forum, said the government should work hard to improve maternal and child health as well as reproductive health by 2030 in order to achieve family planning services nationwide by 2030. She said it is important to work in coordination with stakeholders on the implementation of all-inclusive health policy strategies and implementation documents. According to the Minister, this memorandum of understanding has been prepared and released to overcome the overlapping pressures and work together to create a healthy generation and build a healthy country.

Despite the fact that the number of maternal deaths is declining significantly each year, data shows that 401 out of 100,000 mothers still die in childbirth and complications relate to childbirth.

According to Dr. Meseret Zelam, Director of the Maternal and Child Health Directorate at the Ministry of Health, family planning services are a key solution to improving maternal and child health and saving the lives of women and children. To reduce maternal and child mortality, she said, the document was designed to make family planning services more accessible to all.

Representatives of regional health bureaus, partner organizations and professional associations as well as invited guests attended the forum.