Call by the Ministry of Health to support the rebuilding and restoring of damaged health facilities!

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Health Facility

In addition to the humanitarian and moral damage inflicted by the TPLF on the occupied territories, the terrorist group has destroyed public health facilities and other social institutions which include health care providing facilities and medical supply storage units. They also looted and damaged medical equipment and other supplies.

The devastating destruction on health facilities has severely hampered the provision of basic and emergency medical care, especially to those in great need. According to our information so far, more than 2,700 health facilities are out of service and the number is expected to be higher than this figure when areas currently inaccessible to the government are included. 

As a result of the extensive damage and raiding done to the health facilities access to health care is partially or completely disrupted for so many of our citizens. On the other hand, hospitals and health centers operating near the affected areas are required to function beyond their capacity, stretched to their limits in terms of infrastructures well as human resources. Immediate and expedited restoration of services in the damaged and looted facilities is therefore critical to avert the negative consequences secondary of lack of access to care and treatment.

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with stakeholders and partners, has established a comprehensive conflict related Emergency Response System (incident management system) to assist in the multi-sectoral response to this unprecedented emergency and is currently implementing a multi-pronged strategy to address this challenge. Of these strategies, the first and currently in action is to rebuild and restore function in the looted and destroyed health facilities by twinning them with various government institutions.

Due to the severity of the crisis and the urgency for health care, it is peremptory that we prioritize mobilizing our support from all directions with concerted efforts form all restore health services to our community as soon as possible. 

To this end, a team of experts has been setup by the Ministry to coordinate this fundraising and support and is ready to provide the necessary information and facilitation to those who wish to support the cause in any form, either individually or collectively. The team is accessible 24/7 to provide any information on what kind of support is needed, how supports can be facilitated, mechanisms put in place by the government, and platforms available to engage.
Finally, we would like to call up on all Ethiopians both at home and abroad, allies of Ethiopia, Private sectors, Donor organizations, Partner organizations, Civil societies, Professional associations and other stakeholders to respond to this national call for support to rebuild and restore function in severely damaged health facilities.

Please pledge your support on our website at and/or email to, for any additional information or any inquiries.

Ministry of Health
December 2021
Addis Ababa