Dessie and Kombolcha health facilities which were built at a high cost have been vandalized and looted by the terrorist group

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health facility

The Dessie Comprehensive Specialized Hospital in Dessie has been destroyed and put out of order by the terrorist group. The TPLF group not only loaded medical equipment and other necessary supplies, but also destroyed the rest in a deliberate and generalized manner. Of these, millions of birr worth of mechanical ventilators and anesthesia machines from the inpatients unit, intensive care unit and small and large operating rooms were confiscated, while the rest were completely destroyed and the hospital is no longer operational. 

Dessie Comprehensive Specialized Hospital had an 80-year history and provided services to the neighboring Tigray and Afar regions as well, serving more than 450,000 people annually. 

The Kombolcha General Hospital in South Wollo Zone has also been vandalized and looted similarly. The hospital had 200 beds and was recently inaugurated in the presence of the former president Mr. Agegnehu Teshager, and the Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadesse. 

In addition, one of the branches of the pharmaceutical supply agencies the Dessie branch, was also severely looted and damaged by the terrorist and invading group TPLF. The group looted stockpiles of medicines and other medical supplies and wreaked havoc on infrastructure. 

The branch had been providing medicine and other medical supplies for 27 hospitals, 303 health centers, 60 woredas, and the national force starting from the law enforcement campaign to the current campaign of existence. The group has destroyed Maternal and Child vaccine cold room, main warehouse, offices, storage infrastructure, forklifters, security control systems, office equipment and other assets.