The Ministry of Health has provided various assistance worth 30 million birr and 1.5 million birr to the Defense Forces.

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Speaking on the occasion, the Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadesse, said the country and its people are facing unprecedented challenges, both internal and external. Although they may temporarily test and challenge us in the areas of social, political, economic, and foreign affairs; This is not the first time we Ethiopians have faced such complex and serious problems; She recalled the strength of our unity, saying that "we are united as one, one million of us as one and each of us as we are one million and we have overcome the problems and challenges that we have faced in the past”.

According to Dr. Lia, the only real solution to the ongoing campaign and the threat of disintegration is to strengthen our internal unity and resilience, our existing values of solidarity and uniting our forces.

According to the Minister, the campaign to save the country, to support and rehabilitate the war-torn citizens, and to stand on the side of defense forces is not something that will be left to the few. "Every patriotic Ethiopian should do it without hesitation," she said.

We must support and strengthen our country's defense forces, which are fighting hard for the lives of our country. Dr. Lia also stressed the need for all patriotic Ethiopians to show their solidarity and support for our defense forces to the best of their ability.

Accordingly, in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and regional offices necessary medical service and treatment had been provided to the victims of the war, the security forces and the citizens, in various health facilities; She said medical, input and human resources are being provided to those displaced by the conflict.

However, that is not all; Officials and staff of the Ministry of Health continue to strengthen their monthly contributions to the heroic defense force, which is struggling to assert its sovereignty. "We will continue to strengthen our support," she said, noting that the ministry has donated blood in various rounds to meet the demand for blood more than ever.

In addition to the financial, kind and blood donations we have made in various rounds to express our gratitude, Dr. Lia said, for the day-to-day efforts of the heroic National Defense Forces, the Ministry of Health has provided 30 million birr in cash and 1.5 million birr in various forms. "We will mobilize our leadership and staff to collect donations and hand it over to the Ministry of Defense," she said.

 “When we cooperate, our victory is near, when we help each other, our problems are easy, and when we listen, our voice is significant” Dr. Lia said. The present is a time when we are faced with internal and external challenges that require us to care and support more than ever, to strengthen our capacity, to coordinate our arms, and to strengthen our morale. "We will continue to support the Ministry of Health to the best of our ability and we are with you," Minister Lia said.

Receiving the support, State Minister for Defense Martha Luigi said Being Ethiopian is an unbreakable bond. She thanked the Ministry of Health for its support in covering a wide range of tasks. She expressed hope that the support would continue to be strengthened.