For Ethiopia to win all must stand together, for peace and security!

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meeting hall

The Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadesse, addressed a panel discussion on current national issues. She said Ethiopia has been suffering from human and material damage in the north of the country as it is making efforts to bring about comprehensive development and progress.

Dr. Lia Tadesse recalled that the Ministry of Health is working to provide medical services and other assistance to those displaced by the war, as well as to reorganize and renovate medical facilities. She said everyone should stand together to overcome the challenges ahead and ensure peace in Ethiopia.
Leaders and staff of the Ministry of Health, responsible institutions and hospitals have conveyed a message that we must stand together by consolidating all the support we have had in the past and work together to ensure victory.

Dr. Tegene Regassa, Director of Public Relations and Health Communication of the Ministry, on his part presented a discussion document on Ethiopia's development activities, achievements and challenges. He described in detail the challenges faced by the forces of destruction since the day after the reform.
He said the country is still carrying out planned development activities by dismantling the conspiracies of the forces of destruction. He further said that all citizens of the country must stand together to pass the challenges efficiently. Officials and staff of the Ministry of Health have called on the public to serve the people with a sense of service in order to reverse the attack and ensure victory.

Ministry of Health staff, officials and representatives of the institutions of federal hospitals who participated in the forum also expressed their commitment to make the necessary sacrifices for the survival of the country and the maintenance of public peace.