Senior officials of the Ministry of Health visited South Wollo Kombolcha town to inspect the health services provided to citizens who have been displaced by the destructive force.

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Dr Dereje

It was stated that the support for the health of the displaced people and health facilities damaged by the forces will be strengthened and continued.
State Minister of Health, Dr. Dereje Duguma and Director of the Ministry of Maternal and Child Health, Dr. Meseret Zelalem, accompanied by the Mayor of Konbolcha and officials of the Department of Health, visited citizens in the shelters.

During the visit, a total of 590,000 dollar worth of sanitary materials, reproductive health kits, and COVID preventive inputs were received from UNFPA. During the handover, Dr Dereje Duguma has cited the destruction and looting of health facilities by the distructive forces as well as the displacement of many people and their exposure to various health hazards; adding to that, he noted UNFPA’s support was provided at the right time and place.
According to State Minister, Dr. Dereje, the Ministry of Health is working in collaboration with various partners to prevent and control the current crisis and thanked UNFPA for its support on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

The Director of the Ministry of Maternal and Child Health, Dr. Meseret Zelalem, on her part said that many people are facing health problems by the forces of destruction in northern Ethiopia, especially mothers, children and youths.

Dr Meseret said we need to work together to avoid food shortage for pregnant women and children and prevent complicated reproductive health problems. 
During the handover, UNFA Country Director, Dennia Gayle, said the organization is working on various programs to protect women, children, pregnant mothers and youths who are victims of various forms of violence during wars; and this donation is part of these programs. She also assured that they will continue to strengthen and continue their support.

The mayor of Konbolcha, on his part, said many people in the area have been displaced in to temporary shelters and thanked the Ministry of Health for its support by collaborating partners.

The medical services provided to the victims of the conflict in the hospital of Konbolcha and the health services in the temporary shelters were also inspected.