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To 2021/22 Academic Year ERMP Examinees,

As you know, the 2021/22 academic year ERMP exam was conducted on two rounds. Following the exams, results were posted on MOH website by examinees ERMP registration ID and candidates were permitted to revise their sponsorship, program choice and institution choice. At the same time, complaints raised by some candidates were addressed by ERMP secretariat.

During the revision, despite the instruction not to make change in the other sections of the applications (other than program choice, institution choice and sponsorship), 75 candidates manipulated service years to get unlawful advantage. Correcting these changes to the original application costed our time which contributed for the delay of the matching from the set time.

After thorough check and corrections, merit-based matching is done as per the ERMP guideline and the matching result is displayed herewith (click). You will also receive an email that notify you your matching result. The maximum and minimum score for each program by university is as well shown here (click). From those who remained unmatched, list of reserves by program will be posted in the near future based on their total score, 1st program choice and 1st institution choice.

If you have any appeal on your matching result, you can drop an email via or call on 952 until February 10, 2022. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, in person appeal is discouraged. Letter to respective medical schools will be sent on the week of February 14, 2022. Please be informed that, candidates who was previously matched and started education will be eliminated at any time.


  1. Those who wish to be sponsored by MOH are required to sign binding agreement at MOH Legal Directorate office based on the MOH agreement form (click) before starting the residency.
  2. Please check the requirements (click) for the agreement and get prepared accordingly.
  3. Following the completion of this agreement, the Human Resource Development Directorate will sign school specific sponsorship form for each MOH sponsored candidate.

ERMP Secretariat


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