Maternal ,Child and Adolescent Health Lead Executive Office


Executive Office Name:    Maternal, Child and AdolescentHealth Service Lead Executive Office (MCAH LEO)

Executive Office Description:

The Maternal, Child and adolescent health services is one of the LEOs under the State Minister Office for Service and Programs Wing.

The Lead Executive Office (LEO) is composed of four desks namely; Reproductive Health, Family Planning, Adolescent and Youth Health Service, maternal health, Newborn and Child Health service and Immunization Service with a total of 91 staffs.

The LEO works closely with other Executive offices (EO) within the Ministry, other Ministries in the country, Regional Health Bureaus, local and international partner organizations.

The LEO implements most of the priority programs for all respects of maternal, child health and nutrition issues throughout the country and contributes to the mission and vision of the Ministry.

  • Objectivestrengthen quality, efficient, effective and equitable access to maternal, newborn and adolescent health services at community level.
  • Vision: To see healthy, productive and prosperous mothers & children and adolescents.
  • Mission: To advance the health and wellness of women, children, and adolescents through comprehensive, quality-assured, equitable health services that lead to healthy and prosperous families and individuals.

Roles of the Lead Executive Office

  • Provide direction on Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child, and Adolescent Health services, programs, interventions, and policies. =
  • Provide technical support to regions and health facilities as per their request.
  • Respond accordingly to RMNCAH related equipment, supplies and commodities request from regions and facilities.
  • Work in collaboration and partnership with other governmental organizations and Ministries with regard to RMNCAH interventions
  • Advocate for the adoption of RMNCAH friendly policies and evidence based interventions.
  • Mobilize resources for RMNCAH interventions.
  • Work in partnership with development partners, bilateral and multilateral organizations, NGOs, civil society organizations to mitigate preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths.
  • Review and respond to project proposals relevant to the RMNCAH activities submitted by the non-governmental organizations, professional societies, and associations.
  • Provide supportive supervision, monitoring and evaluation and track performances in accordance with the national plan.
  • Provide immediate response to the needs and requests of clients/ service users.
  • Provide appropriate information to individuals, and organizations which seek to work together and implement the plans of the LEO.

Guiding principles of the overall programs under the Lead Executive Office

  • Country ownership, leadership, and accountability
  • Equity and Accessibility
  • Community engagement, empowerment, and ownership.
  • Integration
  • Partnership
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Innovation and use of technology
  • Responsiveness
  • Evidence based decision-making
  • Quality of health care services