Information Communication Technology Executive Office


  • Dynamic ICT solution for highest caliber powers digital systems and paperless environment in
    the ministry and its regional health bureaus.


  • Offer cutting-edge, high-quality, and environmentally responsible ICT solution and services that
    satisfy the Ministry's goals for infrastructure and paperless operations.


  • MoH and RHB’s workforce is our greatest asset and we are entrusted with serving a diverse
    population with advanced information technologies.
    We value excellence, effectiveness, efficiency, honesty, decency, and meritocracy in all of our
  • We make an effort to perform our jobs with devotion, professionalism, self-respect, order,
    accountability and institutional commitment.

Roles and responsibilities


  • Create an ICT strategies, digital strategies, and master plan that are in line with the mission of the Ministry based on the nation's information communication technology strategy.
  • Introduction the expansion of ICT services and solution in MoH working environment and its integration with other ICT infrastructures outside of MoH.
  • ICT Executive Office plays vital roles in the areas of data accumulation and computation,information exchange, communication and filling the ICT digital literacy for ministry workforce and regional health bureaus staff’s.
  • Admin and technically support Ministry’s email, website and social media to frequently adopt new procedures to guarantee that staff’s and consumers are receiving correct and up-to-date information.
  • Strengthen, improve ICT Infrastructure in the ministry to host new and adopted solutions and systems for the Ministry and RHB’s
  • Setting ICT directives and implement to standardize ICT resources utilization,procurement and disposal.
  • Oversees the development of network infrastructure, adopt that to implement properly, and makes it readable for the responding institutions and regional offices.
  • Administer and monitor ICT infrastructures, resources and applications to provide asecure, reliable and accessible services.
  • Implement, monitor and control cyber security threat in ministry’s internal and external system by applying organized modern security techniques and software to find potential threats.
  • Strength, improve and administer data center for hosting applications, provide secured, reliable and available ICT services, solution’s, systems, backup and restoration of data in MoH ICT environments.
  • Train ministry’s staff while using the ICT services and create awareness on proper and ethical usage of ICT resources and new application and technologies.
  • Develop and deploy different user applications and tools.
  • Support the departments of the ministry who are engaged in procurement of ICT goods and services.
  • Advice the higher officials and top management on issues related to ICT.