Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology Directorate in the health sector works to improve Quality service delivery; To improve accessibility and equity; Implement health services with the help of indigenous and innovative technologies; It is working to implement health information technology in the health sector to enable timely, quality data collection, use and transmission.

One of the main goals of the Directorate is to improve the accessibility, quality and equity of health services by integrating cost-effective, indigenous and innovative information and communication technologies with the context of the country.

In order to achieve the transformation agendas of the health sector and to ensure the quality and accessibility of services to both Internal and external customers, the following activities will be implemented to enable a health system supported by modern information technology.

Roles and Responsibilities of the directorate

  • Promotes Strengthens: Manages standard ICT infrastructure in all health facilities;

  • Implement electronic information systems to collect and disseminate health information nationally;

  • Expand access to medical services by filling in the gaps in health facilities and implementing modern technologies that provide access to services;

  • Provides the necessary technical support to update the teaching and learning process in medical educational institutions;

  • Implements modern information technologies that streamline the workflow of the ministry Compile information using state-of-the-art technology to make health information accessible to citizens; care providers and managers.

  • Provides training on the use health information systems and technologies implemented at the all levels by the Ministry and partners; Monitors and supports applications. It also facilitates capacity building trainings for health information systems in regions and institutions;

  • It Develops ICT policies that manages and coordinates Strategic Documents, ICT Standard Documents; Develop and implement processes that streamline processes and tasks nationwide.

  • Manages the sustainability of ICT infrastructure; Carries out maintenance and works on expansion,

  • Develop new technologies to update the health sector operating system; Introduces:

  • In order to implement national health information systems and ICT infrastructure it develops and manages standard procedure policies and standard documents

  • Develop and adapt information systems based on sector needs and from stakeholders

  • Identify and introduce new health information systems;

  • Provide capacity building training to IT professionals in applied information systems and at various institutions