Ethics and Anti-Corruption Executive Office



  • By planning, Organizing, and directing the work of the liaison, and enhancing awareness creation of employees who don’t condom corruption by developing and promoting ethics and anti-corruption training, realizing ethical working discipline, keeping professional ethics, employees’ recognition of their responsibility to the public and sense of duty,

  • Encouraging the development of the unit’s work by fostering (building) ethics and preventing corruption, and improprieties through conducting supportive supervision.

  • To conduct risk assessments by giving emphasis on the specific areas that can be vulnerable to corruption and improprieties,

  • To prevent corruption and improprieties by actuating Online Declaration And Registration System (DARS) of Assets of the individuals (of esteemed leaders and workers) who are serving for the institution,

  • Creating a system or platform for generating corruption and improprieties information, to take remedial actions against perpetrators, keeping legal protection systems for whistleblowers accordingly,

  • Ensuring that ethics prevail in the institution, and preventing corruption and corrupt practices as a whole. This also serves to solidify /anchor/ the mission of the Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption commission.


  • To see healthy, productive and prosperous Ethiopians. (vision of moh)

  • To see the prosperous Ethiopia as an exemplary from Africa In 2030 (vision of FEACC)


  • To promote the health and well-being of the society through providing and regulating a comprehensive package of health services of the highest possible quality in an equitable manner.” (mission of moh – Ethiopia )

  • By creating an Institutional organization that is strong and able to carry out its responsibilities through enhancing Effective training to create an attitude & awareness to prevent corruption (Mission of FEACC)


As these are described on the position’s job description, the expected outcomes and job responsibilities are as follows:

  • Planning the position’s work Activities, Directing and Coordinating,

  • Ensuring that the effectiveness of Ethics building and Anti-corruption Training.

  • Conducting Risk Assessment of corruption, rating, and providing preventive Recommendations and verifying its implementation,

  • Coordinating the online Declaration and Registration Of Assets, preventing conflicts of interests, and follow up its execution,

  • Creating a corruption information generation system, Receiving Rumors of corruption and improprieties from Whistle blowers and verifying, protecting the whistle blowers by facilitating legal provision for them and monitoring implementation of Anti-corruption laws along with considering conventions.