Institutional Reform Executive Office


To see a healthy, productive and prosperous society.


To ensure the institutionalization of change and good governance planning, implementation and follow-ups of in the health sector to make the institution's missions successful.


  • Institutionalized Good Governance index and Coordinate and follow up the implementation of health sector reform tools.

  • To summarizing expanding local and international best practices related to institutional change, by coordinating the institution's human resources and finance with change tools, and by developing and using information technology infrastructures to provide efficient services.

  • To strengthen a system of performance evaluation, recognition and encouragement modalities/platform. .

  • To Coordinate and lead health sector best practices execution.

  • To facilitate and coordinate the institution's skills and work experience exchange platforms.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Planning, coordinating, and directing the work of the work unit;
  • Improving the institution's operating system by integrating change tools:
  • Enhancing implementation capacity, evaluation, recognition, and incentive systems

Through developing, directing, and coordinating

  • Developing and implementing a qualification certification system;
  • Establish good governance for the institution;
  • Responding to complaints and petitions against the institution;
  •  Coordinating the compilation of good practices
  • Facilitating and coordinating the institution's skill and work experience exchange Platforms;
  • Coordinate and follow up the implementation of different reform tools, such as Alliance for service improvement (ASI), Citizen’s charter, Kia Zen, BPR, BSC, etc.

  • Assess and research effectiveness the health system structure and identify areas of improvement

  • Assess and identify key good governance problems in the health sector and indicate solutions to solve the problems

  • Prepare annual health sector good governance packages and cascade to agencies and departments

  • Develop and implement Community Engagement and Social Accountability Strategy in the health sector

  • Coordinate and follow up good governance index (GGI) assessment at hospitals

  • Coordinate and strengthen the implementation of community score card (CSC) at primary healthcare system

  • Coordinate and follow up the Managerial Accountability assessment practice in the health system

  • Implement different grievance handling mechanisms such as suggestion boxes and digital platforms

  • Conduct internal and external client satisfaction surveys and indicate areas of improvement

  • Coordinate the federal/regional Institutional Reform structures for alignment and experience sharing

  • Plan and implement demand based capacity building activities for MoH leadership and staff

  • Coordinate follow up the implementation of Knowledge Management at MoH

  • Coordinate the staff competency certification program at  Ministry of and agencies under the ministry