Policy and Strategy Research Lead Executive Office


The office has been established with an objective to nationally lead and coordinate health research activities, facilitate evidence translation to policy and standardize the development of policies and strategies. 


The PSR aspires to see an efficient, equitable, and effective health system in Ethiopia with performance consistently enhanced by evidence-informed decision making.


To enhance building of evidence informed decision making and practice culture in the Ethiopian healthcare system.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Policy, Strategy and Research (PSR) Office is established with seven high-level tasks and outputs which were approved by the Civil Service Commission. The approved roles and responsibilities for the PSR office are:

  • Plan, coordinate and lead health sector policy, strategy & research activities

  • Establish operational system for policy, strategy, and research execution

  • Lead and coordinate evidence gap identification, prediction, and analysis to solve health sector challenges

  • Lead health sector policy and strategy development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

  • Coordinate health policy and research agenda preparation, evidence generation, monitoring and evaluation

  • Support public health emergency response and restoration activities

  • Create, advocate and coordinate database and repository for policy, strategy, and research outputs including health policy relevant priority issues